Panier des Sens - Almond

Sweet Almond from Provence, soothing and moisturising body care!

Protected in a soft and green velvet shell, the almond has been used since antiquity for its soothing and moisturising properties. Under the Mediterranean sunlight, the almond tree produces an oil with incredible softness and optimum skin tolerance.

The allonds are hand picked at the end of the summer, dried and then cold-pressed, without any solvent, in order to obtain sweet almond oil. Evoking both bitterness and softness, the almond contains incredible cosmetic properties. The kernel softens and smoothes the skin.

Rich in vitamins A and E, the oil deeply moisturises and nourishes. It is a delight for sensitive skin and is often used for babies. It soothes and relieves discomfort while helping the skin to regain its balance and natural protection.

The Almond body care range is made of dermatologically controlled formulas to provide a deeply soothing, reliable soft care.