Absolute - Rose Geranium

Panier des Sens celebrates the Grasse perfume industry and its traditional skills, with a grooming series based on perfume absolutes.

In the heart of flower country, overlooking the French Riviera, Grasse is recognised as the world capital of perfumery.

"Absolutes" are highly concentrated fragrant natural vegetable extracts, produced through the extractive action of an organic solvent on a plant.
The extraction method begins with the maceration of the plant, flowers or seeds, to obtain what is known as a concrete.
The result is an absolute -a dense, precious and highly concentrated liquid.

Olive oil, one of the region's emblematic raw materials, with multiple benefits, is perfectly adapted to the needs of dry skin. Anti-oxidant rich in vitamin E, it helps fight skin aging.

The rose-like aroma of geranium is particularly delicate, both sweet and strong, very similar to that of rose, yet distinctive thanks to its light green and citrus notes.