Perfumed Heart, silver plated, Secrets d'Armoire, Collines de Provence, 4 fragrances

This precious silvery plated metal box holds a perfumed heart-shaped terra cotta that exhales subtle and refined fragrances.

To be placed or hung in the bedroom, near linen or in any other spot of your choice (wardrobes, chests, bedhead, door handle, vehicle etc…) for delicate and long-lasting scents.

Available in 4 charming perfumes.

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To recover the original perfume use the Perfume Extract of Collines de Provence and place a few drops of the support.

Attention: Keep away from heat and sun. Do not place directly onto delicate fabrics and varnished furniture.

Content: 1 silver plated metal box (5,2 x 5,2 x 3,3 cm), inside: 1 perfumed heart-shaped terra cotta, gift box



Perfume descriptions:


Cotton Cloud

A fragrance with deliciously fruity blackcurrant hints, cleverly blended with fresh, flowery rose and violet notes with a cosy, velvet-soft musk and sandalwood bottom note.


Linen Flower

A fragrance that leads with a top note that has the clarity of an exotic accord with hints of coconut, followed by a broad, sweet middle note blending mimosa and iris and ending in a warm, sensual bottom note of cedar, amber and musk.


Organdy Petal

A fragrance with fruity accords of litsea, grapefruit and blackcurrant, blended with fresh, flowery rose and jasmine notes with a velvet-soft musk and wood bottom note.


Silk Feather

A fragrance that leads with a top note that has the clarity of a leafy bloom, followed by a broad, sweet middle note combining mimosa and violet accords, spiced with a hint of nutmeg and culminating in a warm musk, vanilla and sandalwood base.

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