Wardrobe Mist, Secrets d'Armoire, Collines de Provence, 6 fragrances, 50 ml

Simple and instantaneous.

A fine mist of concentrated fragrance to delicately scent your linen without any staining.

Available in 6 different fragrances specially developed to create a warm, cosy ambience.

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Spray once or several times depending on your mood and the intensity you want.



Content: 50 ml / 1.76 fl. oz.



Perfume descriptions:


Cotton Cloud

A fragrance with deliciously fruity blackcurrant hints, cleverly blended with fresh, flowery rose and violet notes with a cosy, velvet-soft musk and sandalwood bottom note.


Linen Flower

A fragrance that leads with a top note that has the clarity of an exotic accord with hints of coconut, followed by a broad, sweet middle note blending mimosa and iris and ending in a warm, sensual bottom note of cedar, amber and musk.


Organdy Petal

A fragrance with fruity accords of litsea, grapefruit and blackcurrant, blended with fresh, flowery rose and jasmine notes with a velvet-soft musk and wood bottom note.


Rice Powder

A cocooning fragrance of delicate, sweet and powdery flowers.

Lead Notes: Rose, Violet, Orange
Heart Note: Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Musk, Heliotrope, Sandalwood


Silk Feather

A fragrance that leads with a top note that has the clarity of a leafy bloom, followed by a broad, sweet middle note combining mimosa and violet accords, spiced with a hint of nutmeg and culminating in a warm musk, vanilla and sandalwood base.


Soft Cashmere

This fragrance opens on a soft accord between the almond & the spices. A softness that is carried away by the floral heart of jasmine & tuberose. The gourmand & sandalwood back notes intensify this delicacy and leave a bewitching wake…


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