Soap with Donkey Milk and Argan oil, Anes et Sens, 100 g
Anes & Sens

Soap with Donkey Milk and Argan oil, Anes & Sens, 100 g

Anes et Sens
€4.62 (€4.96 100 g)
This Argan oil enriched soap combines the well-known benefits of donkey milk and Argan oil, which brings even more hydration to the skin. Argan oil has exceptionally nurturing, nourishing and invigorating properties. Donkey milk contains many minerals and vitamins A, B and C. It nourishes the skin velvety soft and tender.
Marius Fabre

Liquid Savon de Marseille dispenser, "1900", Marius Fabre, 400 ml (12 fragrances)

Marius Fabre
€8.36 (€2.09 / 100 ml)
Made with vegetable oils, Marius Fabre Marseille liquid soap is produced in keeping with the Marseille tradition, cooked in a cauldron.Vegetable oils gives your skin everything it needs, whilst the different Nature scents takes you on a journey. Available in different Provençal scents.
Amélie et Mélanie

Scented candle, Lune, Amélie et Mélanie, 150 g

€15.97 ()
To create a unique and fragrant atmosphere in your home, the candle provides a slow and continuous diffusion. The floral and elegant fragrance of poppy, peony and musk of this candle is made of aromatic and subtle notes. The candle is an ornamental glassware and equipped with a cotton wick, which ensures a steady flame.
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