Mickael Kra is one of the biggest international jewel designers. Living in Paris he creates jewellery pieces for stars like Grace Jones and Ophélie Winter but also for top French haute couture houses like Yves Saint-Laurent, Louis Féraud and Pierre Balmain. For his collection "Pearls of the Kalahari" Michael Kra whose father came from the Ivory Coast, teamed up with Bush women from the Kalahari Desert to turn the ancient art of making jewellery from ostrich eggs into haute couture fit for the world's best-dressed women. All pieces are personally designed by Mickael Kra and handmade by a small group of San Bush women using traditional materials like ostrich eggs shells, leather and glass beads. "Pearls of the Kalahari" is a stunning collection that perfectly unites Paris glamour with African tradition.

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Namasha Supreme Copper Namasha Supreme Copper 2
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Namasha Supreme Copper

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This nice necklace will put in value your décolleté in a fashionable way. The copper colour glass pearls are assembled by hand together with ostrich eggs pearls to form a decorative lozenge. Each ostrich egg pearl is obtained by hand filing pieces of shell to reach the desired shape. This necklace is sent in an elegant black gift box.
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