Compagnie de Provence BIO

The goal of creating the line Compagnie de Provence BIO was to combine ecological awareness and good design. A new awareness we call "bio-chic" perfectly respecting our future, and firmly establishing Organic products in our daily routines. Compagnie de Provence BIO offers the opportunity to rediscover the original simplicity of Marseille Soap, with the optimal purity of natural ingredients; cultivated free of fertilizers and pesticides : organic-certified oils of olive and palm kernel, water & salt…and that’s it ! Organic quality guaranteed by the famous European-standard label ECOCERT.
Organic Hand Cream, 75 ml
Hand Creams

Organic Hand Cream, Compagnie de Provence, fragrance almond, 75 ml

Compagnie de Provence
With a gentle and fresh texture, the hand cream is formulated with the softening and nourishing properties of organic ingredients: floral water, essential oils, olive oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. The fragrance is 100  % natural and is exclusively composed of essential oils.
Gift box empty for 500 ml dispensers
Savon de Marseille, liquid soap

Gift box empty for 500 ml dispensers, Compagnie de Provence

Compagnie de Provence
This design gift box is made for all 500 ml dispensers of Compagnie de Provence. Fits to all liquid soaps and body lotions of the Extra Pur, Luxe and Bio series.
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