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Tadé - Aleppo Soap Co.

Body scrub with sea salt and shea butter, Jasmine, Tadé, 250 g

€23.49 (€9.40 100 g)
Gentle body scrub with mineral rich salts from the Dead Sea, shea butter and rich oils. This body scrub contains mineral-rich salts from the Dead Sea combined with valuable shea butter. The skin is gently cleansed by the salt, while the shea butter reveals its nourishing effect.  
Liquid Aleppo soap, Jasmin du Nil; Tadé, 500 ml
Tadé - Aleppo Soap Co.

Aleppo bath and shower wash Jasmine, Tadé, 500 ml

€12.56 (€2.51 100 ml)
Original from Aleppo, Bath and shower wash is made from virgin olive and laurel oils, rich in indispensable fatty acids and natural antioxidants. It cleanses and maintains the skin’s natural balance while leaving it scrupulously clean. For all skin types.
Aleppo Soap Heart, Jasmin du Nil, Tadé, 150 g Aleppo Soap Heart, Jasmin du Nil, Tadé, 150 g 2
Tadé - Aleppo Soap Co.

Aleppo Soap Heart, Jasmin du Nil, Tadé, 150 g

€10.84 (€7.23 100 g)
An ancestral, 2000-year-old Aleppo artisan masterpiece, this plant-based soap with olive-pomace and bay laurel oils is cauldron-cooked using the batch method. This heart-shaped Aleppo beauty soap contains pue olive and laurel, the ultimate beauty treatment for the skin and keeps all skins supple, soft and toned. A stylish, ancient decoration, illustrating...
Tadé - Aleppo Soap Co.

Beauty water, Jasmin du Nil, Tadé, 240 ml, Jasmine

€3.95 (€1.65 100 ml)
Stimulating, energising jasmine-scented floral water. Pat onto clean, dry face and body. Caresses sensitive skins. For clear, firm, toned skin.
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