Les Authentiques

Authentic Shea Butter Soaps
In keeping with traditional deep-down perfuming, the soaps are delicately wrapped in protective presentation paper to preserve all their freshness. Their natural plant base, combined with a soft, delicately perfumed foam, will leave your skin as smooth as velvet. This is an extremely gentle soap, with fatty acids providing better compatibility with your skin while preserving all the cleansing power of soap.

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Panier des Sens

Soap with Shea butter, Les Authentiques, Panier des Sens, 200 g

€6.50 (€3.24 / 100 g)
This Authentic sheabutter range offers a bouquet of Provencal fragrances.Rich in shea butter, with soothing and nourishing properties. The extra-gentle soap is suitable for daily use. Ideal for the face and body, this soap’s foamy lather gently cleanses, helping to preserve the natural balance of your skin. Gourmet textures and delicate scents, the...
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