Duos Parfumés

Discover the Duos Parfumé Collines de Provence.

Delicate fragrances created by perfumers from Grasse who have associated two notes to create original accords.

Manufacturing 100 % French, scented candles and bouquets with a contemporary and timeless design will deliciously decorate and perfume your home.

Let yourself be tempted by the fragrances: Amber and Heliotrope, Ebony and Vetiver, Mandarin and Yuzu, Musk and Black Fruit, Rose and Hibiscus, Saffron and Ginger, Vanilla and Grapefruit.

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Collines de Provence

Home Fragrance, Duos Parfumés, Collines de Provence, 100 ml (7 fragrances)

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The aromatic bunch from Collines de Provence is a natural and elegant way to perfume your home for weeks. The rattan sticks in the decorative glass bottle absorb the perfume and then slowly release the delicate scent. In different magnificent fragances...
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