Essential oil, Bio, Ceven’ Arômes, 10 ml, purifying effect

Organic Essential Oil, Ceven’ Arômes, 10 ml, Purifying effect

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Two essential oils united: Lavender and lemon

Essential virtues: Rebalancing. Calming and sedative; powerful antispasmodic; muscle relaxant

Uses :

Intake: Three to five drops on a sugar or in a spoon of honey in the evening around 6 p.m. to prepare for sleep; a few drops on a sugar or in a spoon of honey, several times a day, to complete an anti-infective treatment; a few drops on a sugar or in a spoon of honey to ease difficult digestion.

Transcutaneous use: Care of normal hair: 5 drops diluted in the shampoo dose. To calm and promote sleep, a few drops in massages (even for young children); on the neck to reduce headaches; massages on the epigastric cavity to reduce tension and anxiety; "massages" on contractures, rheumatism or arthritis; to relax the feet or moderate sweating, five drops in a foot bath

Transpulmonary use: For its softness, lavender is used as the "base" of almost all mixtures intended to disinfect or calm in diffusion. Ten drops in the dose of bubble bath scent the bath; a few drops in the floor washing water scent and sanitize.


Allergens: citral, limonene, geraniol, linalool

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