Home Perfume Spray, Collines de Provence, 100 ml

Home Perfume Spray, Collines de Provence, 100 ml

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(€12.10 100 ml)

With this home perfume spray you can create in your home ambiances like in Provence.

In 25 magnificent fragances...


100 ml / 3.38 fl oz. (spray)


Perfume descriptions:

- Acacia blossom: Rediscover the opulent sweetness of the Acacia Blossom in this floral accord with a woody background.

- Almond blossom: Top notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Middle notes: white Jasmine, Spices, white blossoms, Base notes: Orange accents, Apricot

- Amber: Top notes: lavender, geranium, Middle notes: timbered sandal, patchouli, Base notes: amber, vanilla, musk.

- Bamboo-Lotus: a tasty cocktail of tangerine and nutmeg with the floral perfume of the lotus, bamboo and Iris.

- Black Current: a fruity and bloomy perfume of black current flowers in combination with grapefruit and bergamot. Accompanied by rose, violet and jasmine and nicely finished by sandalwood and musk.

- Candied Orange: Top notes: orange, citrus fruits Middle notes: sweetened, candied, honey Base notes: vanilla, musk.

- Cedar: A perfume that has the deep, warm strength of cedar with intensely woody, resinous scents.

- Cinnamon-Orange: A lovely scent of cinnamon, combined with the fruity scent of orange

 - Ebony: woody scent
Discover a warm and captivating fragrance with an intensely woody blend of cedar, guaiac wood and iris wood.

- Fig: a fragrance with deliciously fruity accords of rhubarb and blackcurrant that cleverly blend into both green and sweet notes, with a cozy trail of vanilla and citrus.

- Garrigue: the scents of Mediterranean nature. Citrus fruits like bergamot, orange and lemon are harmoniously accompanied by the perfume of lavender flowers and thyme. Added with a slice note of jasmine, sandalwood and moss.

- Green Tea: a discreet and relaxing perfume of green tea in combination with lemon and bergamot. Nicely supported by the tea flower, jasmine, peony and cardamom. Smoothed by a finish of white cedar and musk.

- Lavender field: This fragrance evokes all the sun-baked warmth of the hills of Provence, enhanced by amber, vanilla and musk.

- Musk & Blackberry: The delicate woody and slightly fruity-fresh scent of musk is combined with the sweet and fresh notes of blackberry.

- Olive Wood: Top notes: Olive leaf, green Growths, Cistus, Middle notes: Olive wood, Cedar, Iris, Base notes: Sandalwood, white Musk, Heliotrope

- Orange Blossom: A walk in the middle of an orange grove in a caressing sun: the sparkling notes of Orange and Petit Grain blend with delight at the Orange Blossom pink enhanced by an agreement, before giving way to a soft, sweet woody note.

- Peony: A delicate floral scent similar to the perfume of fresh roses

- Rose: a homage to the queen of Flowers with this subtle and delicate harmony between the green freshness of tea rose and the creamy scent of the petals of the white rose haloed of jasmine.

- Sandalwood: oriental scent
Discover an oriental fragrance with a subtle balance between oud wood and sandalwood, and spicy hints of cinnamon and saffron.

- Tuberose: floral scent
Discover the intensely floral fragrance of tuberose, magnolia, lily of the valley and jasmine. 

- Vanilla-Grapefruit: Top notes: Grapefruit, Orange, Raspberry. Middle notes: Jasmine, Geranium. Base notes: Vanilla, Musk

- Verbena: A sparkling green mix of aromatic plants melt into a spicy floral heart to finish on a soft musky base note.

- white Jasmine: Top notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Middle notes: white Jasmine, Spices, white Blossoms, Base notes: accents of Orange, Apricot

- white Lily: A floral perfume with rosewood, orange blossom, lily of the valley and litsea top notes, delivering very feminine heart notes of rose, hyacinth, jasmine and violet, before reaching base notes of heliotrope flowers, sandalwood, musk and amber.

- white Tea: Top notes: Orange, Lemon Bergamot, Middle notes: Tea, Rose, Lavender, Plum, Petitgrain, Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka, Musk

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