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Hand Cream, Extra Pur, Compagnie de Provence, 100 ml (11 fragrances)

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Enriched with honey and a trio of vegetable oils from Provence, this ultra-smooth cream hydrates, soothes and helps to protect the skin from external aggressions to leave the hands wrapped in softness and comfort.

Thanks to its light texture it is easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue.


Sweet almond oil:
The almonds were sourced in Provence on the Plateau de Valensole. The oil is extracted by cold pressure and then filtered in order to obtain an oil of the best quality possible. Rich in fatty acids, sweet almond oil is moisturising and nourishing. Also rich in vitamins A and E, it is recommended for dry skin and helps to soften the skin.

Olive oil:
This oil is extracted from the typically Provencal olives by the names of Aglandau, Salonenque, Verdale from the Bouches-du-Rhône and Picholine. Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamin E, olive oil is highly protective, nourishing and softening.

Grape seed oil:
Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants, grape seed oil helps protect the skin from free radicals and premature skin aging. Its high composition in omega-6 gives it moisturising and restructuring properties. Grape seed oil is suitable for all skintypes and helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Honey from Provence
Naturally rich in sugar, minerals and vitamin B, honey hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis and soothes fragile skin. While its antioxidants increase the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, odivgo-elements (magnesium, iron, calcium...) help to divide the skin's lifespan by promoting cell renewal.

Aloe Vera
Revered for thousands of years for its exceptional benefits on the skin, aloe vera is particularly appreciated for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Its pulp brings to the skin a very good hydration and has softening virtues which gives it a soothing power on sensitive and irritated skins.

Shea Butter
Extracted by pressure from wild African Shea nuts, shea butter has powerful skin regenerating and repairing virtues thanks to the vitamins A, D, E and F it naturally contains. A true champion ingredient of nutrition, it takes care of the most demanding skins in 4 targeted actions: it soothes, protects, nourishes and softens the skin.

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Content: 100 ml / 3.52 fl. oz. 

Perfumes description:

- Aromatic Lavender: aromatic scent revealing all the elegance and the power of lavender

- Cotton Flower: floral, delicate and powdery fragrance evoking all the softness and comfort of cotton

- Fig of Provence: delicious fragrance with notes of a sweet fruit recalling the fig of Provence

- Fresh Verbena: fragrance with notes of delightfully fresh, lemony verbena

- Mediterranean Sea: fragrance of the Mediterranean air breeze combining the freshness of sea spray with delicate scents of sunny flowers

- Mimosa Flower: a solar and optimistic fragrance with floral notes of winter mimosa evoking the memory of a walk in Provence

- Olive Wood: sensual fragrance with notes of wood, heated by the sun, enhanced by notes of citrus and camphor for a touch of freshness

- Orange Blossom: fragrance with delicate bitter notes of orange blossom

- Pink Grapefruit: scent of fresh fruit with notes of pink grapefruit bursting with sunshine

- Sweet Almond: a comforting scent with tasty notes of almond mixed with the delicate scent of jasmine and almond white flowers

- Wild Rose: a voluptuous and sensual fragrance like a bouquet of freshly cut roses

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