Today it becomes difficult to find extraordinary products. The dominance of the big stores and retail chains makes that products become more and more the same and interchangeable. Additionally, the daily information overload and the big offer make it difficult to discover the really interesting products.

The mission of Magasino is to find for you the extraordinary. In France, the country that is well known for his art of living, we are looking to find for you authentic products with character. We discover these in family owned business that keeps their traditions high and in companies that work in a creative way. The result is a selection that offers pleasure and joy and brings a part of the French living style to your home. All products you find at Magasino have been tested by us so that they convince not only by originality but also by quality.

If you miss certain products from France, please write us. We are grateful for your suggestions. » contact

Magasino is committed to protecting our planet and supports the initiative "1% for the Planet".

This means that we donate 1% of our turnover to the international environmental protection organisation.

Since the creation of "1% for the Planet", the initiative has invested more than 200 million € in environmental protection projects.

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