Shaving Cream, Orange Amber, Musgo Real, 100 ml

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Produced with natural ingredients, this shave cream softens the hairs and makes shaving easier.

Enriched with lanolin and glycerin, it allows the blade to slide smoothly for a comfortable and close shave.
Generated a luxurious, creamy lather with a masculine scent of orange and warm amber.

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- At the beginning do not add too much water to foam with the brush.
- You can add a bit hot water later. If the cream is white and fine-pored (creamy) it will be perfect.
- Rub the shaving cream with a brush or hands in circle moves into the skin, allowing the cream to form.



Fragrance: Orange Amber
With the fruity aroma of mandarin orange with light, fresh and relaxing notes of bergamot oil, and the warm and mysterious accents of amber.


Content: 100 ml / 3.5 fl.oz.

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