Soap with Edelweiss-extract, Pureté, Sentiers des Alpes, 100 g, Edelweiss

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Natural and multifunctional soap for the body and hands.

This botanical soap will take you on an incredible journey of well-being and emotions.
Discover the real benefits of altitude with Pureté (purity).

Formulated with a soft vegetal base of olive and coconut oil, this soap gently cleanses, hydrates and perfumes the skin with gourmet and refreshing notes.
Enriched with organic edelweiss extract from the French Alps, which is freshly harvested by local plant producers.

The fine, pleasant and subtle mousse moisturise and nourish the skin.
Suitable for all skin types and daily use.

A committed brand guaranteeing quality products:
natural formulas
with spring water of the Mountains, Mont Blanc
beautiful and rare organic plants
organic plants from the French Alps
only renewable raw materials are used
rigorous selection of vegetable and mineral raw materials
these renewable ingredients are chosen for their biodegradability
local organic plant production
dermatologically tested

no palm oil
no paraben
no sulphate
no synthetic colorant
no lauryl ether sulfate
no Phenoxy-ethanol
not tested on animals

Environmentally friendly and humane:
defending biodiversity
refusal of harmful substances
recyclable bottles
biodegradable products
no to animal testing

The organic edelweiss of the French Alps
Properties: anti-aging and remineralising
The edelweiss is resistant to extreme cold as well as to strong solar radiation. The flower of glaciers develops a capacity for self-defense to survive and develop in a difficult environment. The natural properties of edelweiss make it a powerful natural protector against external aggressions and against the signs of aging of the skin.

Olive oil 100 % pure vegetable
Nourishing, softening and protective properties.
It is excellent for care and cosmetics, it is antioxidant thanks to vitamin E. 

Coconut oil 100 % pure vegetable
Antioxidant Properties
From its dried pulp (copra) is extracted an oil with recognised medicinal and cosmetic virtues. Its lauric acid content gives the soap
its foaming properties. Rich in lauric acid, fatty acid (TCM) and vitamin A and E which are powerful antioxidants. 

Pure and fresh Alpine spring water
Remineralising property
The spirit of the Alps reigns over a clear, pure and unique source of water. Slightly mineralised water that grew in the heart of the Alps. 

Fragrance: Edelweiss

Content: 100 g (soap in a case)

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