Aleppo Soap, Stain Remover with Terre de Sommieres, Aleppo Home Co, Tadé,  250 g

Aleppo Stain Remover Soap with Clay, Aleppo Home Co, Tadé, 250 g

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The Aleppo soap with Sommières earth (French clay specialty) is a very good stain remover for textiles, upholstery, carpets, leather...
The finely ground clay mineral has absorbent properties and removes stubborn stains.

The household soap is a pure natural product, enriched with olive- and laurel oil and can also be used for dirty hands.


Terre de Sommières is a clay mineral that is found in a small village near to Montpellier in South of France.
The mineral has excellent absorbent properties and removes efficiently fats and oils, fruit, make-up, coffee, tea, blood, wine, ink ...



To clean stains: moisten the fabric with cool or warm water, carefully rub the soap into the stain and let absorb
Depending on the persistence of the stain let the cleaner work for 10 minutes or leave for at least fifteen minutes and for up to several hours if the stain is particularly stubborn..
The Sommières earth pulls the dirt out of the surface and leaves no marks or any discolouring.
Rinse with clean water or machine wash
Repeat the process if necessary
On sensitive materials, test before at an inconspicuous spot.



Content: 250 g / 8.82 oz



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Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, aqua (water), laurus nobilis (laurel) fruit oil, sepiolite, sodium hydroxide.

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